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Parkgate Primary School

Closed Classroom Activities


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Daily Phonics / Spellings / Grammar

Please click on each link for the learning. 

s, es, ies plurals

Alphabet Race

Word Classes

ABC Word Classes

Grammar Hammer Stage 5

Spellings -shun Endings 

Grammar Hammer S5 Check 10

Grammar Hammer S5 Check 11


Writing Activities

Please click on each link for the learning.

Y6 Poetry - 17-09-20

The River


Maths Activities

Please click on each link for the learning.

Y6 Comparing and ordering numbers 17-09-20


Linear Sequences

Sequences Whole and Negative

Problem Solving Sequences

Decimal Sequences

Decimal Sequences Reasoning 

Linear Sequences Decimals 

Function Machine - Lesson 1

Function Machines - Input and Output

Function Machine - Lesson 2

Function Machine - Input and Output 2


Wider Curriculum

Reversible and Irreversible Changes

Evolution PowerPoint 

Evolution Activities 


Journey to the centre of your body

The Skeleton 



Bodily Bits N Bobs 

The Lost Dog Newspaper Report 

Oil Rig Newspaper Report


Click on the links below for activities.


Please click on the link below for BugClub.  The children have all been allocated books by their class teachers.  Teachers will check back daily to see what has been read. Remember to click the bugs to answer questions related to the text.

School code is rbts.