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We are very proud to have been awarded GOOD by OFSTED.

A few quotes from our latest report (June 2013):

'Pupils enjoy coming to the school and do well'.

'Their attitudes to learning is strong and they work well together'.

'They feel safe and they are friendly and polite to each other and adults'.

'Children in the nursery and reception classes and nursery get off to an excellent start because teaching is outstanding'.

'Disabled pupils and those with Special Educational Needs make good progress'.

'Pupils who speak English as an additional language benefit from specialist teaching'.


Our two most recent reports can be found below.  Click on one of the following links:

 Parkgate Ofsted 2013.PDFDownload
 Parkgate Ofsted 2011.PDFDownload
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OFSTED Data Dashboard for Parkgate Primary School

Parkgate Primary School is a caring school that celebrates the diversity of our pupils; we celebrate every pupil's unique gifts and talents. The new OFSTED Dashboard is an information tool that outlines 'raw data' and does not reflect the richness of our inclusive school community.

Click on the link below to view Parkgate Primary's OFSTED Data Dashboard