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Parkgate Primary School

Overcoming Barriers to Learning

The Team

Learning Mentors

Mrs Z Brown
Mrs K Grant

Family Support Worker

Mrs J Clarke

Link Mentor

Mrs T Holt

Clerical Assistant

Mrs K Neale

What we do

  • Aim to meet the needs of children and their families:
  • Identify any barriers to learning
  • Make on-going assessments of needs
  • Supporting families in partnership with outside agencies
  • Enhance the learning experience
  • Offer nurturing support
  • Improving outcomes for children and their families

Some of the identified issues we support

  • Health
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Low self esteem
  • Friendship
  • Behaviour
  • Family issues 

The Team’s focus is improving Wellbeing, resilience and life skills. We work very closely with Parents and Carers to achieve the best outcomes possible. This can be done through 1-1 mentoring support or group sessions.

From time to time Families require a little support and a listening ear. Our team is more than happy to support families with on-going issues and also when a crisis occurs. If you would like any support for your child or family then please do not hesitate to contact one of the team.


In the interest of Safeguarding children there may be occasions when the school has to consult other agencies without parent's prior knowledge. The school's first concern is the child's welfare and the school has a duty to protect the child at all times. Such consultation may result in a formal referral which could prompt visits from social care and/or the police.

We fully understand that this can be a very distressing set of circumstances, but we can only assure you that we follow the procedures laid down by the Coventry Safeguarding Board, a copy of which is available in school, as is a copy of our own school policy.

Parents Maths course

Please read this poster regarding a maths course being run at the adult education centre which explains how parents can support their children.