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Parkgate Primary School


Our whole school reward system is designed around a ‘University of Parkgate’ House System. There is  a whole school element through the allocation of each child to one of our ‘Houses’. The ‘Houses’ are named after what we consider to be key ‘drivers’ for our school and community. All our pupils belong to one of our House Teams: Challenge, Resilience, Aspiration or Pride. Each House Team has two champions from Year 6, chosen by the children from year 6 and two champions from Year 4, chosen by the children from year 4.

Roles and Responsibilities of our House Wellbeing Champions

The roles of House Wellbeing Champions are ones of privilege, pride and responsibility. They are more than just a title and badge and require dedication and commitment for an entire year. The children take part in active citizenship, whereby they lead a series of charitable events throughout the school. This may include major national events e.g Children in Need to more local events e.g food collection. At the beginning of each year the House Wellbeing Champions put their proposals forward to the head teacher who sanctions the activities and fundraising events.

Each Champion will be different and will contribute an assortment of skills and ideas to the job.