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Week 1 My Family Week 8 Around the World
Week 2  Area You Live In Week 9 Famous Significant People
Week 3 Viewpoints Week 10 Transport
Week 4 Animals Week 11 Sport
Week 5 Environments Week 12 Music
Week 6 Food Week 13 Under the Sea
Week 7 Celebrations Week 14 Space
    Week 15  The Rainforest

How do I use the Learning Projects?

As a parent your first step is to select the age range linked to the year group your child is in. There are seven weeks worth of projects that are available and whilst they have been created with an order in mind you do not have to follow this. It may be that you look at the table below and decide that your child or if you have more than one, children, would prefer to spend a week on the animals theme in the first week rather than in the week four as suggested - this is totally fine. You then download the project and begin following it (these will also be sent out by all schools via the regular communication tools). The aim is for you to complete a minimum of two hours of learning a day with your child but this is very much your parental choice and you may wish for your child to do more.


What happens if my child finds the learning too difficult?

Our first piece of advice to parents is that ALL children find elements of learning challenging at times so try not to worry if your child becomes stuck and you cannot explain it to them. If this happens then make a note of what they found hard and move onto another learning activity - the school will cover any misconceptions when we return.

The Learning Projects which have been designed are based on the National Curriculum expectations for the year group which your child is in. It may be that your child finds the tasks set within the Learning Project for their year group too challenging, for example if they have additional learning needs. If this is the case, then we advise that your child accesses the Learning Projects which are set to the age range below, for example a child in Year 3/4 could attempt the KS1 Learning Project or Year 1 Learning Project, if this is more appropriate for them.


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Launch of Bug Club Reading Programme


Bug Club

School Code: rbts

School Jam


School Jam

This is an app and you should have received login details


Numbots Maths

Jo Wicks Physical Activities

Daily from 9:00am

50 Youtube Channels for Home Learning

There are plenty of amazing educational videos on YouTube that can be used as part of learning at home. 

For Families - GoNoodle

GoNoodle: Good Energy at home offers free:

  • Movement, yoga and mindfulness videos
  • Downloadable curricular activities
  • Recommended off-screen home activities 

Monster Phonics


Free Resource whilst children are at home.

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password: homelearning


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password: parkgatepr


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