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Parkgate Primary School

As Technologists (Computing)...

Technology will not replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational.’ George Couros

At Parkgate, we believe that every child should have the right to a curriculum that champions excellence; supporting children in achieving to the very best of their abilities. We understand the immense value technology plays not only in supporting the Computing and the whole school curriculum but overall in the day-to-day life of our school. We believe that technology can provide: enhanced collaborative learning opportunities; better engagement of children; easier access to rich content; support for conceptual understanding of new concepts and can support the needs of all our children.

The Computing curriculum offer follows the national curriculum in KS1 and KS2 and the EYFS Statutory Framework and Birth to 5 Matters in the early years. The Computing curriculum is ambitious and designed to give all learners, particularly the most disadvantaged and those with special educational needs, the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life. Where required, pedagogy is adapted so that all children, including disadvantaged children and those with SEND are on the same knowledge journey towards the same endpoints.

Children gain knowledge about the three main strands of Computing; Digital Literacy (DL), Information Technology (IT) and Computer Science (CS), every year. Over the course of the year, children will deepen their knowledge of Computing Systems and Networks, Programming, Creating Media, Data Handling and Online Safety. An outcomes document set out key knowledge skills, under each of these three strands for each year group, to show what children should know and can do. Our most up-to-date planning has been based on the scheme from ‘Kapow’ but has also been enhanced by utilising snippets from the 'National Centre for Computing Education' and ‘Sphero’, which gives us confidence that our Computing offer builds in complexity so that children can build their skills and knowledge. Knowledge and skills are constantly revisited and refreshed to ensure that they become embedded. To aid understanding subject-specific vocabulary is taught explicitly within every lesson. We continue to look at ways to enhance the curriculum, including around annual events such as Safer Internet Day and Anti-Bullying week.

At Parkgate, we are committed to providing our children with enhanced digital curriculum opportunities through the use of iPads on a 1:1 basis. Our children utilise iPads for research and to showcase their learning, fostering creativity and engagement in the classroom. To ensure effective integration of technology, many of our staff have undergone extensive training facilitated by Apple specialist coaches. This training equips our staff with the necessary skills to leverage the full potential of iPads in delivering dynamic and interactive lessons. We are proud of the ongoing links we have established with Academia, as we work towards our goal of becoming an Apple Distinguished School in the future. Collaborating with leading experts in the field allows us to stay at the forefront of educational innovation, ensuring our children receive a world-class digital learning experience. By harnessing the power of iPads, we are nurturing the next generation of digitally literate learners, preparing them to thrive in an increasingly technology-driven world. At Parkgate, we are dedicated to providing an enriched educational journey that combines traditional learning with cutting-edge digital tools.

Children come from a mixed urban area of Holbrooks; our vision is to support children in becoming creative, independent learners and ensure they develop a healthy relationship with technology. At our school, we value and recognise the contribution that technology can make for the benefit of all children, staff, parents, governors, and society. We strive to provide safe opportunities in computing to motivate, inspire and raise standards across the curriculum. Everyone in our school community will be equipped with the digital skills to meet developing technology with confidence, enthusiasm and prepare them for a future in an ever-changing world. Our curriculum supports the key aims of the government’s Internet Safety Strategy (Digital Literacy / UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS) framework) of supporting children to stay safe and make a positive contribution online, as well as enabling teachers to develop effective strategies for understanding and handling online risks. To build children’s cultural capital, they also study the work of computer scientists who are nationally important.

The scheme of work supports our teachers in delivering focussed and engaging lessons which help to raise standards and allow all children to achieve to their full potential. This includes children of all abilities, social and cultural backgrounds, those with disabilities, EAL speakers and SEND statements and non-statemented.