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Please speak to our school office for any help or support with our policies and reports. We can arrange for print outs if needed.

School Policies
 Accessibility Plan 2016 - 2019.docxDownload
 Adminstration of Medicines Policy.docxDownload
 Admissions - Coventry Primary Admissions Policy 2019-20.docxDownload
 Anti Bullying Policy.docxDownload
 Assessment, Planning, Teaching and Learning Policy 2019-20.docxDownload
 Charging & Remissions 19-20.docxDownload
 Child_Protection_and_Safeguarding_Policy 19-20.docxDownload
 E-Safety Policy.docxDownload
 Educational Visits Policy.docxDownload
 English Policy.docxDownload
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Trust Policies
 Statement re Dealing with Allegations of Abuse Against Staff and Volunteers September 2019 Parkgate Primary School.doc.pdfDownload
 TFT Articles of Association Amended July 2019.pdfDownload
 TFT - Gift and Hospitality Policy.pdfDownload
 TFT - ICT Security Policy.pdfDownload
 TFT - ICT Staff and Volunteer Acceptable Use Policy.pdfDownload
 TFT -Data Protection, FOI Policy May 2018.pdfDownload
 TFT Anti-FraudCorruption PolicyMay2019.pdfDownload
 TFT BusinessPecuniaryInterestsPolicy Sept2019.pdfDownload
 TFT Complaints Policy Sept2019.pdfDownload
 TFT Health+Safety Policy Sept2019.pdfDownload
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