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Have a look below at some of the fantastic fundraising that takes place either in school or by individuals who attend our school.

On Saturday 28th September 2019, I took part in a Kids Military Fun Run in Rugby.  My mum, brother and step brother joined me in completing the obstacle course. It took us nearly 3 hours to finish the 9km course.

At the start, as I climbed the first hay bales, I felt quite warm and dry.  This was not going to be the case for long! All was going well until about the 7th or 8th obstacle...that's when we were met by a muddy lake.  There was no way around it so we had to go through it. That is when I started to get wet and cold and MUDDY!  I had lots of grass in my shoes and it was very scratchy...not the day to be wearing white socks...oops! As we travelled around the course the mud was starting to dry, it looked like I had rolled in cement as it was drying grey.  At the end of the course people actually looked like moving statues.

There were two main reasons for taking part in the Fun Run.  The first was to get me out of the house rather than watching TV...thanks Mum. The second was to raise money for Zoe's Place, a hospice based in Coventry which offers care to unwell babies.  I was able to raise £165 on the lead up to the Fun Run.

It was a great morning of fun, I will definitely be doing another one in the future and would recommend that others try it too.

Charlotte 5C