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Encouraging Social Communication in Children with Autism

How to Encourage Social Communication in Children with Autism through Tablet Use

We have been fortunate enough to support Chrysoula Mangafa, a PhD Research Student at Coventry University, in researching guidelines as part of her PhD project about the use of tablets to develop social communication skills in children with autism.

Teachers, parents, children, professionals and researchers contributed to the creation of the guidelines. The guidelines address the participants’ experiences and concerns as well as a wide range of evidence informed teaching strategies.

The guide below is both for experienced and non-experienced users of tablet technology. The recommendations included in this guide can be adapted for all children’s abilities and needs, mainly for primary school aged children.


The guide can be advised when using the tablet to teach the curriculum, search for apps or when you’re just having fun with your child playing on an app together.


Children with autism often share a love for technology and touchscreen devices. Tablets, such as iPads, are now used in more than 70% of schools in England and the use of Internet is part of almost 54% of households. So, why not make the most of this and use the mobile tablet as a motivational tool to teach important skills, such as social communication?

This guide offers advice to teachers and parents of children with autism on how to use the tablets interactively with the children to practice turn taking skills, sharing, understanding of feelings, verbal and non-verbal communication.

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