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Opening the Gate to Success


Parkgate Primary School

Achievement for All

Achievement for All is a national programme set up to support schools so that all children, regardless of their background, challenge or special need can access the best possible education and be given every chance and support to succeed academically, and to thrive socially and emotionally.

How the Achievement for All Schools Programme helps pupils at Parkgate Primary

AfA helps to narrow the achievement gap, improve behaviours and attendance, build constructive relationships with parents and further inform teacher’s practice to improve outcomes for children and young people who are vulnerable to underachievement.

At Parkgate Primary we offer a wide range of lunchtime and after school clubs and activities to give our pupils the opportunity to succeed. In lessons pupils are provided with interventions and extra support to help them reach their full potential. Our OB2L team support children’s emotional development and wellbeing.

Achievement for All is a whole-school programme. Some pupils and parents are invited to meet with their class teacher and have a structured conversation. These parents meet with class teachers and their child each term to set and review targets together. In the summer term, parents are invited to attend a celebration event with their child.


For more information about the Achievement for All framework please visit the website: or contact your child’s class teacher or the SENCo (Mrs Bishop)