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Parkgate Primary School

Accessibility Plan

The aims of the Accessibility Plan are:

  • to increase the extent to which SEN & disabled pupils can participate in the school curriculum.
  • to make reasonable adjustments to procedures, criteria and practices and by the provision of auxiliary aids and services.
  • not to treat disabled pupils less favourably for reasons related to their disability.
  • to promote equality of opportunity and to foster good relations between disabled and non-disabled children.


The full range of needs and required support for all pupils identified as SEN Support or with a statement/EHC plan will be considered at least termly.

The discussions will involve staff, parents and children plus outside agencies, as necessary.

The Accessibility Plan linked below identifies key activities that will take place to ensure that the school becomes increasingly accessible for pupils with disabilities. An overview of current support in regards to the curriculum, physical access and Information access is listed below.

 Parkgate Accessibility Plan 2016.docxDownload
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