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Year 4 ICT Links

These games are a selection of the Gordon’s resources chosen for the appropriate year group. They are “exe” files that you will need to download to a PC and run. They do not work on mobile devices or Apple computers.

Choose times table, with units / with units missing number / with TU

A challenge to identify correct answers within 1 minute.

Start by working on U + U, U – U. Click on squares to reveal answers.

Make and identify how many in the array

Click on add 1 digit, take 1 digit. Clicking on hats will change their value.

From start number follow instructions. Click instruction to reveal answers.

Click on a numbered coin to find factors or multiples of it

Complete your chosen loop by dragging correct answer to space provided.

Click on bonds, doubles & halves, + –

Use tables knowledge to read the pictograms

Choose your speed and practise recalling facts.

Say or write your answer before it reveals itself.