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I have always had a passion for Art. As a small child I loved sketching and painting in water colours and acrylics in my garden and the surrounding area. In fact, there is still a painting of a lake from our local park hanging in my mums house that I painted for my Art GCSE.

I strongly believe that if we want children to value art, we must give them access to it early on in life. Art has the capacity to allow children of all ages and abilities to communicate and experiment in a creative and varied manner. I have always felt that Art is a vehicle through which we can express ourselves and it helps to stimulate imagination and inventiveness.

Mrs Banat-Rinz

Having been Science lead for several years, it has been interesting to extend this to develop the Design and Technology curriculum across the school. D & T allows children to be creative as they design a model or even a meal. By evaluating existing products, they can get ideas for their own product. They develop a range of skills and use a range of tools as they progress through Parkgate. By evaluating their own product they can think of ways to improve their design. It is wonderful to see children’s confidence increase as they use equipment and also become excited about the product they are making. I’m sure many children keep their products and reflect on their experience of D & T at Parkgate.

Mrs Lia

I have always enjoyed Design and Technology with it being one of my favourite subjects in primary school. I loved being given the opportunity to us equipment that I saw as very ‘grown up’ such as hacksaws. Once I got to secondary school I enjoyed how it progressed in terms of the challenges and briefs we were set, such as designing a wooden CD shelf which allowed me to use tool such as the wood burner to create patterns. I feel that Design and Technology is an important part of Primary education to allow children who may face barriers in other subjects to be able to express themselves as well as being taught basic Design and Technology skills for example using a hacksaw.

Miss Olliver

Mr Sheldon
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