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Parkgate Primary School

Our Curriculum Vision

means an engaging theme to stimulate and motivate minds to learn means reacting to the world we live in, the community we are part of, the class we are in and the people we are means doing our own thing in our own way for our children means learning without boundaries means learning together to fulfil our potential 

At Parkgate, we aim for all of our children to be...


This will develop the children’s curiosity
This will capture the interest
This means making it relevant


This will respond to world and national events (current affairs, sport, culture, anniversaries), community and school events.
This includes opportunities for responding to questions and interests of those within the class (individual, group, class)


This will personalise the curriculum to be child centred and community driven
This allows you to organise your own curriculum for your class (e.g. when themes are taught, when experiences are organised)
Themes will be organised based on how long the learning takes,  across a day, number of days, weeks, half term (go with the needs and interests of the class)


This includes a trip to enhance the learning, a visitor to give greater knowledge, using the wider school environment, working with the local community, using a range of technology and access to specialised resources.


This means developing knowledge across all curriculum subjects
This means learning transferable skills across all curriculum subjects
This means making progress

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