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Primary School Admission

Parkgate Primary School serves children between the ages of 4 and 11 years. Parkgate also has nursery classes which admit children in the academic year before they are due to commence school.

Coventry children may be admitted to primary schools at the beginning of the school year after their fourth birthday provided they have reached the age of four by the 31 August. However, children must start school at the beginning of the term following their fifth birthday. 

Coventry operates a co-ordinated scheme for primary admission arrangements. This means that the Council administer applications for all maintained schools in Coventry, as well as exchanging applications with other local authorities e.g. Solihull and Warwickshire.

You can now make a school application online.

Application process for children starting school September 2018:

Date What's happening
1 September 2017 Parents can make applications online
15 January 2018 Closing date for applications and final date for any changes to addresses. After this date, please contact the Council's School Admission Team.
16 April 2018 Letters posted (by second class delivery) to inform parents of allocated school. E-mails sent to online applicants.
May - August  2018 Second round of allocation of places and further requests for appeals. Late applications that missed the 15 January 2016 deadline or any changes made to a submitted application will now be considered
May - July 2018 Appeals heard

Waiting List

The Authority cannot always offer places at a preferred school. If this is the case the child's name will be automatically placed on the Waiting List for community and voluntary controlled schools. If places become available, the Authority will allocate the places in accordance with the oversubscription criteria. Applicants may therefore move both up and down the list depending on whether others joining the list meet a higher ranked oversubscription criterion. Waiting Lists will remain in operation until the end of the 2018 Autumn Term. After this parents/carers will need to contact the Admissions Team by the beginning of each term if they want to stay on the waiting list for the rest of the academic year

If you are in need of more advice or guidance at any time during the admission process, you can:

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Reception Appeals Timetable 2017:


Primary Round of Admissions

Date of Allocation of places May 2018. Letters will be sent out via second class post or e-mail will be sent.
Deadline for lodging appeals and providing evidence to support the appeal (if applicable) Thursday 18th May 2017
Appeals will be heard May 2018 (Dates to be added) Royal Court Hotel, Coventry.
Notice of appeal hearing At least 10 school days notice
Deadline for governing body to submit evidence for the appeal June 2018 (If posting please allow time to arrive by this date)
Deadline fo sending appeal papers to all parties No later than 10 school days before appeal hearing
Deadline for appellant to submit additional evidence Five school days before the appeal hearing. Information or evidence not submitted by the deadline may not be considered at the appeal
Late applications for appeal will be heard At the same time as previously scheduled appeals or within 30 days of the appeal being lodged
Decision letters sent to appellant Normally within five days

Application process for in year transfers September 2017 to July 2018:

For in year transfers an online application will need to be submitted. For the online application please type the following into your address bar

If you require any advice or assistance with your application please contact the Council's Admissions and Benefits team on 024 7683 1613/1573 or e-mail