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Year 1 ENGLISH Guidance

Our English teaching in Year 1 is based around the core principles of ‘Talk 4 Writing’. These are our core texts over the year:

  • The Little Red Hen
  • Beegu
  • Supertato
  • The Papaya that Spoke
  • Wanted the Perfect Pet 


Curriculum expectations for Reading in Year 1 include to:

  • Read high frequency words from memory e.g. was, their, people.
  • Sound out unfamiliar words to read them.
  • Read sentences with some fluency and expression where needed, taking account of punctuation. 


  • Talk about what they have read.
  • Know how fiction and non-fiction books are used differently.
  • Answer questions using the text to help them.
  • Make decisions about how characters feel based on what they have read. 
  • Predict what might happen next. 
    Have a look at extra reading skills and questions: Further English games can be found on this site: Sign in to your Bug Club account by clicking below:  Sign into to your Accelerated Reader by clicking below:


    Curriculum expectations for Writing in Year 1 include to:

    • Form each lower case and capital letter correctly ensuring letters are a consistent size.
    • Spell common exception words correctly from memory e.g. was, there, the.
    • Use phonic skills to spell unfamiliar words.
    • Write clear sentences to establish meaning containing adjectives to describe nouns.
    • Use punctuation such as full stops, question marks or exclamation marks.
    • Use appropriate vocabulary in sentences depending on the text type e.g. Once upon a time for a story.
    Find out the best ways to help your child with writing at home: For a collection of Handwriting activities you can complete at home follow this link:  For pictures and videos to stimulate your writing, have a look in the Literacy Shed: For some extra Spelling activities and to look at some new vocabulary click below: