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Parkgate Primary School

Curriculum and Learning

The children of Parkgate are at the heart of our curriculum. 

We encourage our children to have high aspirations and strive for the best.  We want our children to be responsible and proud of their achievements by the time they finish their journey at Parkgate Primary school.

Over the last two years we have been developing the curriculum that we provide for our children.  Our main aim is to provide exciting, stimulating topics which the children become fully absorbed in using a cross-curricular approach.  We strive to encompass as many curriculum subjects into each topic, making them relevant and meaningful for our children.

We use a number of different approaches to explore and deliver the topics to ensure we enable our children to develop all the skills they need to be confident and successful learners.  All of our children are involved in the planning stage of new topics as we value their ideas and contributions; we believe that children learn best when they are able to steer and direct their own learning.  We want our children to be inquisitive and passionate about their learning and spark a desire for life long learning.

Listed below are the links attached to the menu tabs for Curriculum and Learning.

Our Curriculum

You will find overviews, policies and extra information about our curriculum at Parkgate. Click here.

Home Learning

Opportunities to develop the curriculum at home with families. Click here.

Our Learners

Come and have a look at what each year group is doing.  There are three classes per year group. Click here.

Family Groups

An opportunity for pupils of different ages to take part in activities together for one afternoon a week.  Click here.

Special Needs and Inclusion

Extra information about how our learners are supported further in their education. Click here.

KS2 Results

Our end of Key Stage results.  This information outlines the national expectations and where we are in line with these.  Click here.